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Fleet Update - 15 Dec

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Fleet Update - 15 Dec Empty Fleet Update - 15 Dec

Post by Ghost on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:11 pm

Hail Ghost Fleet!

  -To begin with, I'd like us all to welcome our newest officers, Bra2s and Charger. Congratulations on your acceptance into the Fleet, and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I look forward to flying with you.

  Next I'd like to just take a moment to comment on how productive and active the Fleet has been despite our small numbers and early age, not to mention being built on a game with an already modest player base. In particular, the efforts of Fleet Update - 15 Dec 1x_zpsmlujdd0q Sinbad and Fleet Update - 15 Dec 0x_zpsnuaillqrCharger are to be commended.  The Split-Faction System announced in the previous update has been implemented and seems to be progressing quite smoothly, with a good number of Ghost Fleet stations being erected for both factions. Keep up the good work.

Three items for this week's update:

1. Search for [FDN] Headquarters -
We are currently on the lookout for a sector with the following criteria for [FDN] Headquarters:
-100 Technology Rating
-Nearby Asteroid Field
-Nearby (T) class planet

The pilot who discovers a sector with all three criteria will be eligible for immediate promotion.

2. Ghost Fleet Station Directory-
The Station Directory project is underway and also progressing smoothly, but in order to continue with the flow, we need you guys to continue reporting your recent Ghost Fleet builds. Don't forget to log those station coordinates before you leave the game, and then use the Station Registration Form to report your build and receive credit toward promotion and merit.

3. Special Projects list-
We are now accepting open suggestions for an ongoing agenda list of Special Projects. I will be opening a thread with the master list, and all suggestions for projects may be proposed and discussed therein with successful motions being added to the list.

That's all for this update, so as always, have fun out there and happy hunting.

Glory to the Fleet!

Fleet Update - 15 Dec Siggy_zpswnftvmis

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