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Begginfokillz Application

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Begginfokillz Application Empty Begginfokillz Application

Post by begginfokillz on Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:15 am

-Pilot Name* (in-game, as well as any aliases): Vladmir

-Age: 25

-Gender: Male

-Preferred Roles (Combat, Explorer, Trader, Builder, Pirate): A mix between explorer and builder, as in my ship is equipeed to deploy deep into space, for exploration and deep space construction

-Country*: United States of America

-Time Zone*: Eastern standard

-Peak Activity (when are you most likely to be playing): 3pm-8pm

-Previous Clans*: Not Applicable for this game

-Have you completed any of the in-game quests. If yes, which ones. (Determines rank at which you enter the Fleet)? The birth of a legacy alliance branch, up to part part 21

-Do you own a Terrain Walker? (Also determines rank at which you enter the Fleet): no

-Were you referred by another pilot? If so, who?: No

Final notes**: Even if i don't get accepted, i wish you all the best Smile

**unofficial section



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Begginfokillz Application Empty Re: Begginfokillz Application

Post by Ghost on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:45 pm

Congratulations, begginfokillz, your application has been APPROVED.

You are hereby commissioned into Ghost Fleet at the rank of Begginfokillz Application 0x_zpsnuaillqr Visitant.

We are a split-faction clan, meaning you are free to play as ALC, FDN, or IND at any given time, or to pick a side as you prefer.

A private message has been sent to you containing further details concerning your membership. Happy Hunting, and Glory to the Fleet!

Begginfokillz Application Siggy_zpswnftvmis

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