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Make tons of credits at Ghost Fleet HQ FDN

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Make tons of credits at Ghost Fleet HQ FDN

Post by Ghost on Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:40 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to give you an inside line on how to farm a lot of credits in a very short time. This is the method I used to acquire my Stealth Generator.

Go to the planetary base near our Federation Headquarters while it's in a day cycle (check the Station Directory for coords) and pick up one of those wildlife collection missions where you fly around and catch birds. The contracts pay upwards of 200k per completion, and that particular planetary base is swarming with birds all around the area. You don't even have to leave line of sight from the base to complete this mission.

I earned over 3 million credits in a little under a half hour or so, figured I'd share the love. See you guys out there!


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