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Post by Ghost on Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:48 am

Hail Ghost Fleet!

First I'd like to wish you all a wonderful 2017, and I hope this new year will be everything 2016 wasn't. It's good to see most of you in Orion Sigma these days along with a lot of new players. I'd lke to think we have at least a little bit to do with the influx of interested pilots to Evochron: Legacy.  Here's to hoping activity levels don't taper off too much while we all get back to adulting.

1. New Member - Please help in welcoming our new officer darklyt750 into the Fleet, as well as congratulating him on the birth of his new baby girl! Looking forward to flying with you, when you're not busy being a new daddy of course. Wink

2. Faction Streamlining - Split-Faction Command sections have been removed in lieu of a single Station Directory board. Same security measures and access restrictions still apply to the directories, but with all of the infrastructure threads in one place, so it's a bit more streamlined now.

3. [IND] Faction - The [IND] Independent faction has been welcomed into Ghost Fleet. Fleet stations and bases may now be constructed as [IND] Independent structures for those who wish to do so. Station reporting remains unchanged.

4. Ghost Fleet Service Awards - The Ghost Fleet Service Awards system previously proposed has been instituted, and a list of the currently available medals and awards has been posted in the Ready Room. This is a prototype system, so please be patient as we iron out the details.

That's all for this update, so take to the stars and bring honor to your comrades. Happy hunting, and check six.

Glory to the Fleet!


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